Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer’s Q&A

What causes Cognitive Decline including Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline?

Alzheimer’s is a protective response by the brain to an inflammatory or toxic
attack. Through research at UCLA and The Buck Institute, we have discovered 36 different conditions which can trigger Cognitive Decline including Alzheimer’s.
These conditions have been grouped into 6 categories:
1. Inflammation
2. Blood Sugar Regulation – ex. Diabetes
3. Hormonal and Chemical Imbalances
4. Bio-Toxins and Heavy Metals – ex. mold and mercury poisoning
5. Vascular – ex. strokes
6. Trauma
Most people suffering from Cognitive Decline have between 10 and 25
contributors attacking their brains. At The Carroll Institute, we identify the
root cause of each contributor, and customize resolutions.


Can you detect Alzheimer’s before it’s too late?

Yes! The two most effective ways to identify cognitive decline are:
1. Volumetric MRI – This is a special type of MRI allowing us to see brain
shrinkage before symptoms begin.
2. Central Nervous System Vital Signs – This is a non-invasive 30 minute computerized test we run in our office which can show us how different parts of the brain are working.

How do you reverse the symptom’s of Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease?

By using specialized and proprietary DNA and Lab testing, we are able to identify exactly what factors are attacking the brain. Once these are identified and prioritized, we develop a program, unique to each patient, which resolves each one.

Who is your program for?

Our protocols are for everyone, from those who want to be proactive and prevent Cognitive Decline, to those already suffering early stage Alzheimer’s. The Carroll Institute’s ReCODE (Reversing Cognitive Decline) Program is unlike any other. Each person is treated like the individual they are.



At The Carroll Institute we focus on uncovering the Root Causes of Cognitive Decline (including Alzheimer’s Disease) and then create personalized treatment plans for each individual. Recognized as a leader in the field of the effects of neurodegeneration on brain function, Dr. Glenn is driven by the concept that chronic diseases as we know them, specifically Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease are not only preventable but reversible. 

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