The Carroll Institute ReCODE Protocol

A Personalised Step-By-Step Mentorship in Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline

Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer. But no one knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer’s

Until Now

We provide a plan, a partnership, and a promise to get to the root cause so you can restore your health.

Have you been told reversing Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline isn’t possible? Have you been told there’s nothing that can be done? This is not true any longer. We now know that Alzheimer’s can be reversed. Unfortunately, most health care providers are still practicing 20th-century medicine. 

Alzheimer’s Disease can be broken down into 6 basic subgroups. These include:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Blood Sugar Regulation
  3. Trophic Factors
  4. Bio-Toxins and Heavey Metals
  5. Vascular
  6. Trauma

There are over 36 different things which can be triggers and most patients have a combination of between 10-25. 

The key to reversing Alzheimer’s is to discover which unique combination of the 36 possible contributors is causing the decline.

With so many different possible factors involved, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. If you’ve read Dr. Bredesen’s book, The End of Alzheimer’s, you know just how confusing it can be. To make the situation more critical, to reverse Alzheimer’s successfully, you must identify ALL the contributors and resolve ALL of them. 

Realizing the challenge in not only identifying all the possible contributors but then knowing how and in what order to address them, we have developed The Carroll Institute ReCODE (reversing cognitive decline) Protocol. 

Introducing…The Carroll Institute ReCODE Protocol

Your Personalized Strategy To Reverse Your Alzheimer’s Disease & Cognitive Decline.

Knowing Where You’re Starting From Is The Key To Knowing How To Fix The Problem.

Before we can begin to reverse a condition, we have to get an accurate assessment of how much damage has been done and where we’re starting from. Using a combination of several sophisticated testing methods, we are able to pick up brain changes and cognitive changes as much as 20+ years before they can be detected by symptoms alone. For this, we use Volumetric MRI, Computerised Cognitive assessment testing called CNS VS, and Visual Contrast Screening. We have a special arrangement with one of the only imaging centers on the east coast that is able to run this type of MRI. 

The CNS VS testing is done in our office. It allows us to see how well various parts of your brain are talking with each other. By doing this we are able to focus on those areas which need the most attention.

We have many patients come to us who are trying to resolve their cognitive issue who have not been properly tested. If you haven’t run a Volumetric MRI, you missing out on a critical part of the evaluation process.

Other Testing

Once we’ve established that there are, in fact, changes in the brain and exactly where those areas are, we can be very precise in the correct laboratory testing that must be run. It is critical that all of the 36 possible contributors are evaluated. This is especially important as it relates to Bio-Toxins and Mold.

When all contributing factors are identified, we can customize our protocol to resolve your unique needs.


What To Expect When You Partner With Us.

The Carroll Institute ReCODE Protocol

Step-by-step mentorship for reversing Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s.

Our Program Includes the Following    
Carroll ReCODE

Volumetric MRI – Detect brain shrinkage 20 yrs. before symptoms begin.


CNS VS – Central Nervous System Vital Signs – Computerized Neurocognitive Assessment Software


Comprehensive Lab Testing for all 36 “Holes in the Roof” Markers – Most people have between 10 – 25 “holes” in their roof. Find them all and fix them.


Bio-Toxin and Heavy Metals Testing – The more we learn, the more important this becomes.


Visual Contrast Study for Molds – Mold exsposure is an often overlooked factor. 


Adrenal & Cortisol Evaluation – Adrenal disregulation dramatically impacts circadian rhythms and hormone production.


Personalized Supplement Protocol Recommendations Based on Labs – Because no two people are the same.


Personalized Lifestyle Plan – We personally mentor you in integrating lifestyle changes.


Direct Lab PricingWe save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating the middleman. 


Automated Ketogenic Diet with Monitoring and a Patient Portal – We walk you step-by-step through implementing the proper diet and are then able to monitor your progress through our specially designed website portal.


Brain HQ & Lumosity – Personalized Brain Exercise Protocols


HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training to Increase Brain Supporting Hormones


Email AccessHave direct email access to your clinician to ensure better compliance and follow-through.


Client ConciergeQuestions? Our client concierge has you covered. Call or email with any questions you have and get an answer ASAP


Stress Reduction Management Using Heart Math – Stress is a major contributor to cognitive decline. We show you how to get it under control.


Blood Sugar Regulation – Reverse Diabetes if Needed


Sleep Mentoring – Quality Sleep is Foundational. CPAP machines and drugs are not the answer. 


Follow-Up Lab Testing – Our follow-up testing is scheduled at carefully timed intervales to assure that you progressing as you should and that nothing is being over looked.


Lifetime Mentoring Options – Most patients chose to have us monitor their improvement after the Program is completed.


Continuing Education – Lifetime access to our on-line education resources.


Onsite Shopping Tutorial – Our nutritionist is available to guide you through the maze of the grocery store if needed.

Gut Health and Microbiome Evaluation – The gutis often the key and foundation to good over all heath. Even brain health.    

2 Follow-Up CNS-VS Tests – Measuring improvement is important


Exclusive Lifestyle Manual and Binder

Appointments – Each of the 24 visits in our program is predesigned and preplanned with specific actions and goals. Through years of experiance we have identified the correct sequence and method for implementing the Bredesen Protocol. It’s not just knowing what to do, but how to do it and in what order that assures success. There is no other program available like The Carroll Institue ReCODE Protocol.     24

The Carroll Insitute ReCODE Protocol Summary:

  1. Initial testing to identify which areas of the brain are degenerating. This is done with computerized testing and brain MRI. 
  2. Complete blood, saliva, stool, and urine testing to identify which of the 36 contributors are active.
  3. Comprehensive automated diet protocols and coaching to help you implement the principals and achieve success. Including in this is proper testing of ketone levels.
  4. Computerized brain exercises based on your initial evaluation and ongoing improvements. By doing this, you’re guaranteed to be focusing on the correct parts of the brain.
  5. Sleep, exercise, and lifestyle coaching to make certain that everything in your life is working together to reclaim your brain.   
  6. Customized supplementation that is based on what you need. No more and no less.

Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline is enough of a challenge without having to figure this out on your own. Our protocol is designed to walk you step-by-step, visit by visit through reclaiming your brain and your life. 

Alzheimer’s is no longer a life sentence. It can be reversed and we can show you how.

Debunking Common Functional Medicine Myths

Myth # 1 – I’ve Tried “Everything”

Many of our patients feel like they’ve literally tried everything to address their wellness challenges – and as a result are skeptical about the amazing results of our program. Yet once we dive into their personal health history during the intake session, it quickly becomes clear that they haven’t tried “everything”. And once they realize why their previous efforts have not yielded the desired results, it opens the door for new possibilities… especially when you have the right program and guide by your side!

Myth # 2 – I Don’t Have Time

Yes, you can’t make more time… but you can choose how to spend your time. When you’re not at optimal health, you’re missing out on so much in life… from your work productivity, your social life, to your happiness. Imagine all the time wasted struggling with your health condition, unable to persue the things you love most! Or consider all the time wasted managing chronic dis-ease without ever resolving the underlying issue. That’s why I believe that establishing optimal health is one of the cornerstones for a life at optimal. So to make this program as convenient as possible, we provide several options to schedule your intake (from in-person to telemedicine consult via video).

Myth # 3 – I Can Figure This Out Myself

If information alone were enough, then Dr. Google would have already healed you, right? Frankly, we live in a world with an overabundance of information, often conflicting with each other – that’s why we provide something far more valuable… clinical insights on what your specific situation requires. As integrative medicine practitioners, our team has the expertise to get to the root cause of what ails you, and then craft a custom-tailored strategy to address your wellness challenges and help you reach your health goals.


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