Not too long ago chiropractic care was scoffed at by allopathic physicians. But remember that there was a time when intelligent men thought the earth was flat. As time went on and chiropractic established itself more and more as part and parcel of acceptable healthcare, it soon became obvious that chiropractors attained real results in their care of patients, and soon the word spread and patients for all types of illnesses, autoimmune ailments included, flocked to the waiting rooms of chiropractors all across the country.

Physicians noticed that some patients were relieved of long-time aches and pains caused by all types of ailments – autoimmune illnesses included – and suddenly no longer needed weekly shots or monthly prescriptions. Instead, these treatments allowed them to resume activities that had been robbed of them following their autoimmune illness diagnosis.

As we have moved into the 21st Century, we know that more than 85{b34a005df466f7bbe09e1e3c17bfd82fd2dc3cde78fe77ccccc308f54d50d2b7} of all disease in North American is chronic and therefore lifestyle related. At the same time, less than 5{b34a005df466f7bbe09e1e3c17bfd82fd2dc3cde78fe77ccccc308f54d50d2b7} of medical schools in the United States have courses on nutrition for medical doctors while all chiropractic colleges have extensive nutritional training.

20th Century medicine was designed around the concept of treating symptoms with drugs. This worked fine when infectious disease was the number one cause of illness but this method of disease management is ill-equipped to deal with our modern health crisis.

Chiropractors are uniquely trained to treat chronic lifestyle diseases. Becuase chiropractors don’t use drugs, they have always needed to focus on finding the root cause of a person’s condition and then devise a protocol for actually correcting it.