Dr. Garland Glenn

How I Began Focusing on Functional and Root Cause Medicine

Very early on I began to notice that patients who would come to see me for a primary issue such as gut problems, autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto’s hypothyroiditis, adrenal fatigue and the list goes on, often were also experiencing problems in other areas. Why? Remember this was in the early days of Functional Medicine long before we knew just how much all these systems interrelate. I’ve been treating Root Cause conditions since the mid 1990’s.

This connection was driven home for me when my daughter suffered a closed head injury while in university at Clemson. As our understanding of the relationship part of the body has to the rest of the body grows, we’re learning just how connected everything is and just how much conventional medicine, for all its promise, has miserably failed us.

All you have to do is look around you. Patients are not merely a collection of symptoms; they are people with complex, deeply interconnected systems that must be addressed as a whole. This is where the beauty of a “Functional Medicine” approach lies. It takes each person and evaluates them as the unique individual they are.

Symptoms tell us something is broken. Finding this Root Cause is the key to fixing the problem.


A passion for teaching and helping others to live healthier lives

It’s why I began my career as a professor of electrical engineering and then went on to become a doctor. I love to teach which is what a doctor really does. One of the most satisfying moments in life for me is when I see the light go on in a patient’s eyes and realize the person I’m helping gets it. At that moment I know their life is going to change. They’ve turned a corner and they’re on the road to a new life.

For me, there are few accomplishments more rewarding than helping the person who has been on the conveyor belt of traditional medicine figure out what is actually going on and then resolving the problem together.

Dr. Glenn graduated from Baylor University in 1979 and taught electrical engineering for several years before returning to school at the National Health Sciences University in Chicago and earning his DC degree in 1985. Dr. Glenn is a graduate of the Kalish Institute in Functional Medicine and is currently writing his PhD dissertation in Integrative Medicine. He is a member of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. He is working towards his Fellowship with the International Board of Functional Neurology and following the Institute for Functional Medicine’s curriculum for Board Certification. He is licensed in several states in the US.

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