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Testimonials From Patients

“I have the ApoE4 gene and have dementia on both sides and lost my father to Alzheimer’s. I am in my mid-60s and reversed cognitive decline. Since being on ReCODE, I’m off all of my Rx drugs and enjoy a great life.” Bill R 


“My Mother has shown symptoms of fairly advanced dementia for a couple of years. Both she and lots of our family have been very resistant to any change, but last week we decided it was time to take action. We started her on the very basics – her diet. Today, four days later, she called me to say that she feels in control of herself again. She said, ‘I am functional, my voice is strong again…it is like me a few years ago. I can’t believe it is this quick. I will never go back.’ Lots more to do, but a huge thank you.” Caroline C